core aims 

Gods KingdomLight Project Peterborough aims to 'Reveal Jesus'  and to help further God's Kingdom in Peterborough in the following ways:

  • To bring the good news of Jesus to people where they are.
  • To journey with people as they seek a relationship with Jesus and to help them to find a Church family.
  • To help individuals to realise their potential and to recognise the part they can play in sharing Jesus love – the power of their own testimony.
  • To support the local church in its evangelism & mission through training and tool kits.
  • To encourage the local church to go out and engage with their local community showing the love of Jesus
  • To bring the local churches together to serve, focused around a missional activity e.g. Winter Night Shelter, Chaplaincy etc.
  • Not to reinvent the wheel
  • Kingdom focused; not to compete – many of our activities may well appear “under the radar” as we seek to support and equip the local church.    
  • LPP seeks to be the “glue” that holds things together and helps to build and develop relationships between churches.