Chris Duffett and others within the Light Project Team have written a selection of books which are great resources to help spread the Gospel.

Big HeartedLooks at what it means to serve a big hearted God and what it means to be big hearted Church. The book is all about going to the least, the lost and the last. It’s about going to those who haven’t heard or experienced the good news of Jesus plus loads of ideas of how to do that as church.

This book is enormous fun to read. But don’t be deceived, the content of the message is about as profound as anything you will come across."
Dr Nigel G. Wright

“This book will be an invaluable inspiration…though for church life as it now is, it needs to carry a health warning!”
From the Foreword by John Drane

Smack heads and fat catsThis book is about a subject which isn't too sexy in Christian circles: evangelism.

Through storytelling and biblical teaching, Smack Heads and Fat Cats outlines a vision for evangelism which doesn't just preach the message, but lives the message. It's an invitation to join the adventure of being good news. Because everyone, from the street to the boardroom, needs to hear it.

Written in three parts it outlines: a vision for evangelism; a biblical mandate for why we should be good news; and how we can do evangelism.

Re unionA deep, conscious awareness of our direct, intimate and inseparable communion with God. Many people are experiencing dynamic encounters with God which, although prevalent in scripture, revival history and the mystical tradition, are often not common in contemporary Western Christianity.

Re:Union encourages us into a deeper relationship with Jesus and affirms His invitation to enjoy unbroken heavenly union with God as a daily reality.

It seems that in Anina we are blessed with the merging of two streams: the ancient mystical tradition and the contemporary charismatic movement. Well worth a read.
Ben Pugh, Lecturer in Theology, Cliff College

Questioned ChristianA book of 30 poems by Chris Duffett.

Chris writes: I pray that you will find something good and challenging in this hodgepodge of a collection of poems. I hope that as you read them, somehow you may encounter the presence of the One who loves us and gave his life for us and sends us out to let the world in on what we’ve got.

Phillip the NovelA Novel by Chris Duffett.

Chris imagines Philip the evangelist as someone we might know: a boy with a disability, caring for a sick mum; a teenager in love with his childhood friend...
Walk with Philip through the streets of first-century Samaria and Jerusalem. Listen to him talk with Jesus in a market place. Watch him struggle with anger and fear and stress. Feel his enduring love. Get to know the Bible’s first evangelist, and know that if he could do it, so can you.

Philip is a rags-to-spiritual-riches story full of warmth, romance, drama and truth. 

Follow meAuthor Ian Black, Vicar of St. John the Baptist, Peterborough, and Canon Residentiary at Peterborough Cathedrals and Trustee of Light Project Peterborough.

The book which explores what it means to live the sayings of Jesus today, is based on statements in the gospels which set out what anyone needs to do if they are serious about being one of Jesus’ followers.  These are grouped under eight themes: acts of loving service, the commandment to love, prayer, money, forgiveness, self-sacrifice, mission and the Eucharist (Holy Communion).
It draws connections between what Jesus said and how we live today in all its messiness and complexity.  Each chapter ends with a series of questions for private or group reflection and a prayer.

All of the above books are available from Gilead Books